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Chapter Two of Dark Days will officially kick off tomorrow with the posting of the first page on !!!  I don't know about khadri but I am super excited for what is about to happen...also the fanservice XD  

A little over a week ago khadri and I hosted our first art table at Nebraskon.  She had displayed some of the art and we even met someone who had heard of us!  *happysparkles*  Hopefully we'll have more in the way of merchandise for Anime Detour at the end of march.  If anything we should almost have enough for a full volume of content by then (I make no promises about hard copies yet).

~The Author (I do exist!)
Chapter One should be wrapping up at the end of this month (or perhaps the beginning of November). It should come out to about 25 pages long. I've also been doodling on the bus and in class (such a model student), so I'll be adding a couple of extra pics to the gallery here over the next week or so. Goodness knows I need the coloring practice.

Em and I will be manning a table in the Nebraskon artist alley at the beginning of November (selling non-Dark Days related stuff, mind you). If anyone happens to be there, feel free to stop by and say hi. I may have some rough printed copies of Chapter One by then.

Edit: Sorry for the spam, all. Deviantart told me the blog didn't go through several times, when apparently it did. Several times.
August is prep month for the initial release of Dark Days. Hopefully chapter one will be finished by the end of this month (the first four pages are done, and the first ten pages are written), and September will be dedicated to chapter two. The website is mostly done, except for a few details and one more cast image. I'll be posting larger files of each of the cast images here between now and September 1st.


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